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bts-scenarios:. lets BTS GIF Reaction to them getting jealous over your best guy friend getting too touchy. •~ ——— You smile and look up as Tae kissing your cheek lovingly, “I’ll bring your hot chocolate, jagi. He could tell that a sense of relief washed over the boy even though a deep scarlet blush tinted his ♛ Exposing BTS Series ♛ Kim Taehyung: The Man Behind The Glamour. He was extremely handsome up close, almost deadly handsome. During movies or watching TV he’d be one to hold your hand or just look at your nails. See yeontanismypresident's whole Tumblr Show more. He wants you to be happy. He gripped you by the shoulders and he began to turn you around to face the other male. He will be snapping lots of pictures of you (and him), since he wants as many memories with you as possible before he is leaving for tour. He was always bothering you, using any spare moment he had to hit on you or try to seduce you. ” Jungkook muttered softly without taking his eyes off the screen in front of him. He never thought that you liked him back. You're making a bit of a scene for someone who doesn't know what he wants to say. Feb 17, 2018 You feel a man come up behind you and try to dance with you, . A big, gummy smile spread across his face as images of things he wants to do to  May 6, 2014 Still You (Jungkook, You) Scenario It was 2 AM and everyone is probably “Well I wouldn't want to be the one holding you back from being the  Jul 1, 2016 It's pretty simple. i go bts scenarios bts scenario bts imagine bts imagines bts x reader See cipriss's whole Tumblr Show more. kpop texts kpop scenarios kpop imagines He had no idea what you were saying, but he loved just listening to you being confident in what you were saying. Taehyung started to act coldly around you again and he started to hang out with Bora more. He will not rest until he finds you. ” Quick and precise, Taehyung twisted the man’s arm one more time until you heard a pop, then kicked him in the back of his knees. The memories make your skin crawl. You could . He noticed what you were doing and smiled. Yandere BTS reaction to you responding to their kiss JinJin was taken aback when you kissed him back. I’m really sorry I’ve allowed this blog to become inactive so soon after it opened. Your cousins really liked him and so did your friends. but what you didn’t realize was that chan had forgotten his bag of extra clothes for the day and was on his way back when he all of a sudden walked back in and had walked in on you doing who knows what. (summoner!au) NEW 缘分 - You cast a spell as a witch to keep you and Namjoon as soulmates throughout your lives however you never remember each other until your first kiss together. When he wants to get intimate first, he would love to hug you and rest his hands on your hips and give you passionate kisses that last a very long time. “Don’t worry too much. ” BTS Your Ex Wants You Back When you’re on a date with them and your ex approaches you stating he wants you back. bts bts texts bts imagines bts scenarios bangtan bts min yoongi bts min suga bts suga bts suga imagine bts suga texts bts yoongi texts bts yoongi imagine min yoongi min suga suga suga texts yoongi texts yoongi imagines requested. Jungkook wants you back. opening one eye, you saw jungkook was crouched next to you, cooky plush in hand. Yoongi laid your body back on his bed softly, kissing you as he positioned himself on top of you. “BTS’ Suga reveals he’s been dating for years, with marriage in the picture. Walking to the spot, you saw something from afar that makes your heart aches. When he wants to make love (BTS Version) Jin: When they come back from overseas and you greet He will let you read the lyrics before showing them to the rest of the group, since he wants your approval. . He had always seen you smiling, so it just led him to assume you were okay. Woozi / Jihoon : You fell asleep to him singing to you. He didn’t mean to eves-drop but the mention of ‘My ideal guy is…’ made him thought he needed to know, he leaned back on his chair, bringing his art closer to him as he mainly concentrated on what was being said. (FUCKKKKK) “fuck y/n” Originally posted by iloveyoo-ngi. ” The magazine lay on the coffee table in the bakery, staring up at Yoongi as he pulled down the black mask, shifting so he was comfortable, one arm resting on the back of the sofa, around your shoulders. He came up to you a couple of hours later, exhausted, asking when this would be over. And it was not fair to yourself, you needed time to heal, not sex. You stay in the door frame, contemplating whether to stay or to go back and leave him alone. You run back and play “Slow motion” and start to slowly sway your hips back and forth. Sep 30, 2018 BTS scenario → trying to win you back. If you tried to get up, he’d just push you back down, tuck you in and tell you stay. “You know what, Taehyung?” “What?” he looks at you with wide eyes. [ ☼☽] Jealous >> your best friend is a control freak for a reason you only find out now. He wants to make her proud of him. Some stuck up their noses, some tried to clown, and some were very accepting towards him. The man tumbled to He pulls out of you suddenly, leaving you disappointed. this means there’s a concentration of all his planets in one third of his In front of you stood the guy from the hospital, or at least you thought it was. Having you lay on him makes it easier to tickle you and to just run his Taehyung’s eyes follow his movement in a way of which you can tell he wants nothing more for him to leave and for the others to not come in again. “ A statement that didn’t really mean any harm, but suppose when Namjoon looked back on it, it probably made sense as to why his friends suggested it. His fist raps the door three times and he shuts his eyes while he hears the creek of the door open. When he kicked your good arm you groaned “Come on Jungkook, you already saw me naked a few time, get over it” He would smile at you sheepishly and go back to help you, this time looking straight into your eyes. You thought that maybe you two could actually work out, but she came back into the picture. you try to talk with them (jimin and ur bfriend) but jimin get angry and yelled at you, he said hurtful things He looked up at you for a moment, where you were sitting, before sighing again and placing his pen down to look at you as he leaned back in his chair “He’s struggling to find a mate, so he wants you to do a spell that helps him find on-…” “Hold on a minute. His hands are firm on your hips and occasionally stray down your thighs and back up during the intense kisses and during his sweet kisses he’ll hold you lightly with one hand before letting go. You thought your eyes were playing tricks on you so you ought to walk closer to see the scene clearly. He’s at a loss for words and for the rest of the ride he’s glancing down at you your stomach Jin - *He’d scoff to himself then spoils you just to get your mind off it, giving you cuddles when you arrive back home* Jungkook - *He’d get confused at why you’re freaking out until he found out that it was just a rat then he’d cup your face to make you face him and smiles at you, making you ignore the rat until it had gone* “Swear on it and hope to die for a girl like you” he said as he takes hold of your hand and kiss your fingertips sweetly. com BTS Reaction to Your Ex Trying to Get Back With You: Jin: When Jin found out about your ex talking to you again, he warned that the guy was probably up to no good. You pat his arm and start introducing him to everyone. Also, if you see it on Tumblr, Reblog it because reblogs are a sure fire way of letting me know you like what I wrote and you’re helping me spread the word about my work which is always great! And I always, always take the time to go through all your reblogs just to read your tags coz those are always very fun! -MUST hug you or he will throw a fit -Sometimes it may take HOURS before you two finally fall asleep because he just wants to hug and cuddle and just snuggle up to you -Expect a lot of pillow talk -Conversations before bed are about everything and nothing like a new theory about why leaves change colours or what lies beyond the milky way He started to treat you warmly and he would wrap his arm protectively around you when you two were out. Jin would try to convince to get back together with him, but sadly it wouldn’t work. We'll tell you the questions we asked BTS, and you try to guess how they answered, THEN you can click to reveal the real  Mar 28, 2017 Back then, when Bangtan wasn't even that famous yet, he was given a If u heard one interview, Jimin said that he never wants BTS to . When he reaches the end of his last song to you, you cuddle him lightly. you wouldn’t mind in the slightest nor would he if we’re being honest. lots of smooching, touching, etc. . ” “Thanks. Jun 16, 2018 “It's not you, it's me” he says as if it wasn't the most cliche of break-up lines. You were 6 months pregnant when she came back into the picture. J Hope. have a good day//night [[MORE]] TAEHYUNGI see him trying to be as nice as possible but if you’re confession was too sudden, he would Jimin notices his heart rate quickening for unknown reasons as he waits for you to answer your door for the third time this week alone. That honestly RUINS the entire thing in any scenario. You loved it when you could wear his clothes. “Excuse me miss, you can have my seat. Hoseok HOW BTS WOULD HOLD YOUR HAND I did an EXO one back in the days and really wanted to do a BTS version. Yoongi: *Thinking of what he’s going to do to you after* Daddy Anonymous said: BTS regrets rejecting you Answer: no a/n this time. ” You set your hands down and look back at your screen, noticing the glint in Taehyung’s eyes. If it’s your first time, I think he’d want you to ride him, just so he could see your But when you do, it can be extreme - he looks at it like this: if he wants his love back, he’ll need to show you that he will not put up with imperfect behavior; When he yells, it’s scary; Sometimes he will tie your limbs to the bed posts and leave you screaming and kicking. He won’t return for hours, sometimes days until you stop wailing. He’s glad you’re here, though. He would just want you to be comfortable. “Wear mine, go change in my room. He was looking over your head at Jungkook until he looked back down at you. Lots of whining when he has to leave for tour since he doesn’t want to leave you, and make you promise to wait for him. He just came to the conclusion that it was a combination of multiple things about you. His mind can span back towards when he first thought about trying out something new. You could he was pretending not to notice you, but he knew you were watching him. He knows that what she is doing is a crime but he deals with it. Requested: yes Rapmon: the PDA would be through the roof around this guy friend. He didn't like it, but he never made a move to get you back because . “If you’re wondering…. if anyone ever wants to talk or needs someone to talk to my inbox and messages are always open. Everything from your smile to the way you blush when he teases you. But he wants to hear it from you. Suga: He would be calm on the outside but he would be terribly heart broken on the inside. The sharp green illuminate and you try to hold back you laughter, “Taehyung, someone’s horny~” He knows that you could hate him with every inch of your being, and he knows that you have every right to feel that way. “Tell your boss that if he really wants to take me down, he’s got to try harder than this. Have you got an eye on anyone right now, like any guy at all?” Second try was when you asked him if you can go somewhere, anywhere he wants, just the two of you together, he refused with a small smile, justifying it by saying he has a lot of schedule. See holyytaehyung's whole Tumblr Show more. Even in your pjs with your legs all bare and the pout on your lips, you take his breath away. It wasn’t fair to just sleep with his best friend like that. there’s a part of him that has never really grown up, so anytime he wants a little alone time with you, he asks you to go for a drive; he pulls your hand over to rest on the center console and gently runs his fingers up and down the inside of your forearm while you guys talk about your day When You Tried To Kill Yourself “Anonymous said: Can I get a bts Mafia reaction? One where you try to kill yourself? Sorry if it’s to heavy. The yelling would shock him too, but he wouldn’t be upset with you at all for it. Now that he had finally captured you, he lied you keep you. “Could you sit still? You’re distracting me. Will call you when he is down and need someone to talk to other than the boys. hope u enjoy! Jin: my heart is fluttering just thinking about this one; oral with him would be so so sweet: in more ways than one A little smirk appeared on Jimin’s face. He won’t tease you about it, but he will tell you how thats the cutest thing you’ve ever done. this is just pure, unadulterated filth tbh and i am not ashamed. Jimin - He wouldn’t really care if they were showing. What you do know is that when the two of your entered high school things got worse. I’m imagining it now… XD. J Hope would act like he wants you to be pure butttttttt he loves it. “Turn over. He doesn’t hang out with the other BTS members or Y/N anymore, he’s scared. -Takes you to get ice cream cones and you ask to try his cause you’ve never had that flavor before. “So,” A voice says  He knew you were right, he knew that having a relationship was only a Jungkook gulped, raising his hand to scratch the back of his neck, his tongue poking the . he leaned down and pressed a kiss to your lips when he arrived home from work, and usually you are His eyes go wide. He would joke around with you a lot and try to show his good sides. This had to be a joke. However, I do think he would take a greater initiative to get you to like him back. I think he’d go with the idea that laughter is the best medicine; he’d snuggle and tickle you and give you little kisses and tell you jokes so you could almost forget you were sick. you were in the living room while the others were away so of course this was the perfect time to re-enact some of your favorite vines. We mainly do scenarios for EXO, GOT7, BTS, Block B and B. He is allowed and he jogs up, the rest of the members follow his lead; you are the encased in a Bangtan hug. Originally posted by btsfunboyz. Frowning you ripped yours away from the movie which was currently played and looked over to your boyfriend. He can’t help but laugh at your pouty expression and tell you “It’s fine. So here ya go :’) J i m i n The Jimin off-stage is so shy and adorable. ' 'If that's alright, I . “You’ve got some nerve, ruining my night,” he said, twisting the man’s arm even further. Almost daily he gets to see you, still, the prospect of another encounter sends his pulse racing. The guy began to chuckle at your scream before you took a step back “You scared me. Once again her words went viral, but this time for different reasons. I’ve had enough,” he growls, clearly aggravated. And Jin was . You had Hoseok had fallen in love, back then you hadn’t even known that he had a best friend. “He just wants to be friends babe, don't worry. BTS When He’s in the Mood. And as soon as the door closes again, “Every damned time! Fuck this. “So, Y/N. His features flipped so fast he didn’t have time to ‘Ah’ his mouth glued shut. It was something about you that always compelled him. He would make you stay in bed all day and rest so you can get better faster. summoned - you were summoned by a dorky wizard and he doesn’t have the heart to send you back even if you keep messing up his spells. He also would be a bit annoyed that you brought the cat home, he isn’t against you guys having a pet together, but when the time comes that you guys get a pet together, he wants both of you to be involved and go to the shelter to pick out a cat, but you guys would keep the cat and he’d be super happy in the end. He wants to make sure you’re ok but he can’t run on stage so he waits until you’re back in your seat and he goes over to you making sure you’re alright. Mar 24, 2017 Come Back to Me - UNDER REVISION “LOVE IS NOT OVER SERIES Jungkook || Taehyung He's silent as he watches you back away slowly. Not only you look extraordinarily hot without realizing it, but you also look so sweet that he wants to hug you right away. it’s okay to look at him, baby. you should have known [ one-shot ] – angst; he wants you, but i need you [ love triangle one-shot ] i’ll wait, but just for you [ love triangle one-shot ] our scars will heal [ love triangle one-shot ] even beginners know [ love triangle one-shot ] for all the nights you fell asleep to alone [ drabble; a date of luck ] – fluff He is so proud and very vocal afterwards about how proud he is of you! At first it’s with his loud clapping but then he asks if it’s okay if he goes on stage to hug you, comfort you even though he knows that you’re crying happy tears. He would be calm and accepting, but he would also let you know that he wants to be in a relationship with them. He may had back in. Again, as expected, the door to your apartment hardly opens a tiny crack. Wonwoo : Hes reading a book when he feels you cuddle into him. Because Yoongi got hot. He just wants you to be happy, so he’d probably give you lots of massages too. Just Waiting | Park Jimin; Originally posted by ohparkjimin. Though he would definitely be thinking about it for the rest of the day and be anxious to get home to you ;D BTS Reaction To Their s/o Roasting Yoongi May I please request a BTS reaction where you their usually quiet girlfriend gets hyper, and roasts yoongi? Thank you 😘 Requested by anon Y’all sorry if I Soon, he feels you cuddle up to him and nuzzle your face in his chest. He is usually home alone waiting for her. He wasn’t expecting you to fall and he’s just that shaken. If you simply checked twitter or tumblr you would see how religiously they stream BTS's videos in order to get . He loves you though, and he’d take it slow in trying to gain back the trust you had in him again, and he would also be respectful of how you want to mend back the relationship -Jungkook would do anything and everything to repair the damage from He sees you for the first time in 9 months on a packed train standing and clutching onto your back. There’s no switch life here, he leans dom all the way and wants to prove himself to his lovers; His Libra sun ass will tease you all the way; he won’t even step in the bedroom until you’re completely riled up and ready to submit to him; if you talk back to him, expect him to fuck that right out of you When you aren’t paying attention, he’s staring at your hands, he wants to hold them. Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you catching them kissing someone else but they didn't want her at all but you're still very upset PLEASE Answer: I’m girlfriend zoning this. When he does get a hold of them his cheeks will be so red because he’s holding back all of the things he wants to say, like how your hands fit so perfectly in his and how they suit you so well and how he wants to kiss your fingers. Disclaimer: none of these gifs are mine unless otherwise stated. Eventually, he stops and cuddles back into you. While we don’t think it would be a regular part of your sex lives, we do think it would happen on occasion, more on the times when he wants to be extra close to you - it would seem like a logical thing for When doing so, he would calmly state for you to continue as he comfortably lays back on the wall. •~ ——— You smile and You scrunch up your face as he kisses you again before running off. ” he smirked at you, not really saying much else He mimics the groan you made, a hint of making it sound more sexual than it really did. It's only a month later when he regrets it and wants to apologise  Jan 16, 2016 BTS Your Ex Wants You Back When you're on a date with them and your ex approaches you stating he wants you back. P. pairing: bts x reader fandom: bts warnings: / genre: angst ; fluff backstory: whether or not he meant what  Dec 30, 2017 bts scenario: They break up with you, then regret it. Jimin: You guys have a shooting range at HQ and when he saw you testing the new snipers he looked a little surprised. He would be the least upset if you wanted to cover them, I think. Taylor found it to be invaluable however, and if you think about it, why shouldn't we all  May 4, 2019 Even though we're in a new era of "Star Wars," it's always good to look back at where we've been in the long history of might approach apparently normal war scenarios in really unpredictable ways, Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to LinkedIn Share to Reddit Share to Tumblr Share to Email. #bts jungkook#bts rm#bts v#bts jhope#bts one shot#bts scenarios #bts that the two of you break up because you can never give Jimin the life that he wants. ” Jungkook smirked. Jin – He'd be a  Dec 6, 2015 Jungkook wants you back. He would tell you when to add or remove a finger, when to speed up or slow down, and would even go so far as to ask what you would like for him to do if he were the one touching you. Yes, he wants to show you off, but he doesn’t want you to uncomfortable. jungkook angst jeon jungkook jeon jungkook scenarios jeon jungkook imagines jeon jungkook angst kookie mimibtsghost  Nov 9, 2015 And he makes it clear when he takes your heart and stamps on it in the street. You smile back at the memory. His frown would grow when he realized you still hadn’t. ” He whispers, his voice getting husky, and you do so, going on your knees, resting your hands on the headboard in front of you. ” He’d be thinking holy shit my baby was a sniper? Tbh he’d be turned on. Namjoon: Namjoon knew just a little Spanish so when the two of you had began planning your vacation to Argentina he decided he should be more well versed in Spanish. Dec 7, 2018 BTS Reaction: They're Flirting with Another Idol I hope this was what you wanted. He wants to see you because his choice swayed your life in a way that it was never meant to. Then you try to get him back and you do but then your icream falls out of your cone. Originally posted by mvssmedia {warning: long post ahead, copious amounts of tea being spilled} Rest of Series: Jungkook , Namjoon. BTS GIF Reaction to them getting jealous over your best guy friend getting too touchy. He wastes absolutely no time, shoving his length into you, continuing the pace he was just going at not too long ago. Of course, he’d be nervous; Jungkook left with the last moment you two had of him slapping you. He would hug you tightly and whisper you compliments. Sorry for the long wait but hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think ^^ Thank you for requesting!) You sit him down on a chair and he looks at you questionly. And you stole him from me!” She spat at you and you let out a outraged chuckle. The third one is the winner, they say, so you just decided to record a nice video to get him to loosen up and cheer up. Welcome to lovely-bts, a blog dedicated to scenarios for 방탄소년단! Ask box is currently closed! BTS + Oral Sex (Giving): An Analysis. Little did he know, you had been out that day, to see and catch up with some of your friends. The truth is, I overestimated myself. I have summer classes on weekdays from 8:30am to 7:30pm plus homework and projects and a dance crew to take care of. He's a single man and can do whatever he wants. ” You turn around and he immediately recognizes you and notices your protruding stomach. Maybe it was back in kindergarten when he put gum in your hair or middle school when he knocked you down while playing basketball. ” He smiled back as you walked to his room to do as he said. He can tell you he thinks you’re absolutely stunning till he’s black and blue in the face, but ultimately, he wants you to realize you have to love yourself and not need any sort of validation from anyone else but you. An immense heat started to grow in your core, and you rubbed your legs together for some sort of friction. You hadn’t stolen anyone from anyone. Of course he lets you but then he gets the bright idea to shove it in your face. He talks about you a lot and he also says you ride him like no one else can. I loooooove you blog btw ” Thank you for liking my blog I He’d also want to have his hands on your back and shoulders. He’d also end up tugging you back to the bed when he’s sure that this is what you both want. Yet, you had never made a problem of it, not even when he had told you that his best friend was a girl. Being a loving ARMY fan that I am, I wanted to have something to do in my free time. ” He said, this time his voice sounding less soft and more sultry. [ ☼☽] Stalker >> You get followed after work and call Jeongguk to save you. BTS Reaction to You Being Distant TAEHYUNG: Him sending you a cute video He’d repeatedly check his phone to see if you had responded. Is only a slight tease about it when you wake up ;P. first things first! his chart shape; he has a classic bundle chart. He would do the craziest things to try to get your attention, ranging from dropping the cheesiest pick up lines on you to giving you what basically amounted to a lap dance. When he gets back from tour, he will be all shy. singing in the shower: your artistic passions aren’t quite aligned with those of your boyfriend, yoongi, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to go to great lengths to make you smile. BTS Facts and Scenarios Welcome to my BTS page. And now he wants to go back to being friends? Though you had  Sep 21, 2017 BTS Reaction ▾ Seeing you for the first time after breaking upJin:He wasn't happy about it. He does his signature eye smile and cuddles back happily. Please enjoy the hard work all 7 members of BTS put in. Every time you do it, he would throw his head back, and softly say your name. He went off to go play with the kids and you smiled. He could never figure out what though. Yandere Mafia BTS reaction to their pregnant wife getting kidnapped JinJin will have every member in the gang searching for you. “Okay,” you laugh, “I did not sound like that. Jin – He’d be a combination of nervous and protective but probably the most mature out you leaned your head back against the couch and a few seconds later you felt a finger poke against your cheek. It’s not even that you didn’t find him attractive, he certainly was. ” “I used to be a sniper for my old gang. He lied about his best friend so he could bts texts :: you try and ignore suga out of jealousy. heaven is a hug: most of the time when yoongi is tired he wants space, but tonight he wants the exact opposite. He would listen to you talk, and after you finished speaking, he You smiled knowing that he’s going to give you his clothes to wear. Originally posted by nochuie You would be able to feel his desire against you but he would not move his hips until he has worked you up a bit with some ‘sexy’ talk beforehand; complimenting your body and saying how much he wants you, unable to stop his thumb from rubbing along your waist as he speaks. Jimin noticed it, but said nothing about it. You often got him to moan one of those raspy ass growl moans from the back of his throat. tumblr, hoseok , yoongi Like, god bless he finally decided to go back to his natural color. He has had a crush on you for the longest time. Wonwoo pets your hair as he continues to read. When He Wants You Back Bigbang Scenario: (As requested by @ftinxmirx. Completely gets your insecurities and will try to help you work through them. On tour he will FaceTime you when he gets back to the hotel after a concert. J-Hope: He would be very emotional. bts scenario: you have a panic attack. “You should really get a hobby. Anonymous. ~•Request: Jungkook is your ex and now you’re dating Tae. “can i?” he pointed towards your lap and you awed before pulling him down next to you. ” You . ” “Sorry about that. You start to strip off his t shirt that you were wearing, Jin’s jaw would drop to the floor. Genre: Angst, Fluff Word Count: 2,175 Request: bts jimin’s angst scenarios, please? when he get closer with ur bestfriend (female) and you got jealous. one night, you, jimin and her had dinner together and he ignore you. [If you have any specific requests or questions, you can submit them here] Here’s the masterlist for more imagines and scenarios/reactions. “He's still in the studio, he wants to perfect the choreography by the end of  Read You Want Their Attention/When They're Busy from the story BTS TUMBLR REACTIONS by UnstoppableOtaku (bxbymochii) with 4393 reads. Letting you know how everything went. He would make sure you were 100% ready for it before he entered you, holding you as close to him as he can and moving slowly but deeply. If you said things like no i’m not back, he would ask you why. Jin: He would be sad because you are his everything. Feb 20, 2017 INACTIVE! FOLLOW MY NEW BLOG : ayosugababy. V: He’d touch your legs and your face. Texts: You say ‘I love you’ for the first time while asleep: pt1 - pt2 [End] You steal his clothes You text the wrong person (Confession) They call you clingy (Hyung line) - pt 2 [End] Saying I love you ft Hoseok They find out you like classical music ft Jimin They accidentally sext another member (Seokjin & Namjoon) He gets teased for back BTS reacts to your self harm scars *Note: If any of you are struggling with cutting, this post may be a trigger so please don’t read it if you’re sensitive to such things. chapters: 01 He thinks to himself. ” He’d look at you, “How did you know it was a. [BTS Scenario] Harmless Hey guys! So I got inspired to write this little AU for the Daegu boys, it’s my first animals!au so I hope it’s okay :3 please enjoy and tell me what you think! 2429 words. He may not always have time to spend with you so he likes to make sure you’ll be left breathless and always remember how he feels on your lips. A. Originally posted by jeonify. He always tells himself that she isn’t around most of the time anyway. I didn't It didn't take too long, maybe twenty minutes, and you were back to Yoongi's studio. tumblr. thank you for your request! i often get panic attacks so i really relate to this. Yes, you had enjoyed it, but you had also regretted it the moment you woke up. I think Suga has a pretty good poker face, so he would be able to keep it in. Middle school was easy, back then he was a tiny, nerdy looking kid with a big ego. Hi, everyone. (F) Seokjin/Jin: It had You always wanted him to come back to you, no matter what. Taehyung is really hard to read around at times but there will be that moment when you know he wants you and only you. [ ☼☽ ] A Lone Wolf >> Jungkook finds a lone wolf and takes her into the pack house, but as he sees you suppress your wolf, he just wants to help you. Days passed and Jungkook was falling for you more and more every time he looked at you. He wished he would’ve taken a picture but he hopes you do it more often. He got out of the car as soon as he could, ready to tell you what he thought about you coming back home this late. He would beg you not to break up with him. reference to them going out in bv3 the poor baby's frown when he tasted something bitter anyway irish bomb irish bomb duo yoonkook yoongi jungkook sugakookie honeybunny incorrect bts quotes bts scenarios bts texts bts incorrect quotes incorrect yoonkook quotes But jin, he is a smart and loving guy, he would hate seeing you cry so he would do everything to make you happy. i also threw in some astrology because you know me. She wants to speak to you. Awww really you both would be so cute :D tagged » bts · bts scenarios · bts imagines · bangtan · bangtan boys · bangtan boys scenarios · bangtan boys imagines · bangtan sonyeondan · ship me with bts · ship me with bangtan Though as soon as he saw you walking to your front door, he widened his eyes, cursing as he wondered where you suddenly came from. He would go back and caress the marks on the side of your neck, admiring them while scolding himself a little. bts scenarios when he wants you back tumblr

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